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Since the establishment of the Hong Kong Queen St. Mary College  , the school has been adhering to the "self-improvement, advancing with the times" school motto, after many teachers and students struggle to strive for self-improvement, in the "family management, teacher training, famous professional, brand-name colleges" school strategy Gradually established the educational goal of “facing the market economy and cultivating high-level applied talents”, and formed an excellent school spirit of “promoting goodness, savoring beauty, seeking truth and being pragmatic”, and clarified the purpose of “getting the best in the world and educating” It has created a talent training model of “professional knowledge + modern skills + professional quality” and established the development concept of “student's first, sincere service”.

The college combines its own development with the improvement of cultural heritage and innovation ability, and serves local social and economic development. It adheres to the strategic vision of the internationalization of education and realizes its own value in the process of promoting economic and social development.

At present, the teaching organization system of the college is improving day by day. Currently, there are: business school, women's aesthetics college, growth education college, life science college, liberal arts college, art college, cultural communication college, international education college and vocational certification standard institute.

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